15 Rumored Gay Celebrities

Being a famous person means that everything you do and say will be put right under the magnifying glass.

Yes, you will be questioned for what you like doing and that kind of thing – but it’s often even more intimate.

15 Rumored Gay Celebrities

Sometimes, your sexuality will come as a talking point through magazines, social media, and of course around groups of friends.

There are some celebrities that have been rumored to be gay for years and some more recently.

Due to being so many though, we’ve condensed it down to our picks of 15 rumored gay celebrities. Read on to learn more.

John Travolta

We kick off our list with one of the most well known people in Hollywood ever to be rumored as gay.

The star is probably best known from the movie Grease, but he has also been in some other huge roles.

Some of these include Pulp Fiction, The Punisher and Face Off. But the actor has been very much in the spotlight for supposedly being in the closet.

In fact, South Park even did a parody of the actor being literally inside a closet and won’t come out. Art imitating life perhaps?

Tom Cruise

There are few celebrities more famous than Tom Cruise.

The Top Gun star has been rumored as being gay for decades now, despite being married to some huge female names in the business – including Nicole Kidman.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has played a gay character before in the Guy Richie movie Rocknrolla, but that might not just be the reason for the rumors surrounding him.

You probably best know Tom Hardy from the movies Venom, Bronson, Mad Max and the TV series Peaky Blinders.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has been a huge name in the music industry for decades now, and in that time she’s had scandals and rumors surrounding her.

One of these has been whether or not she is a bisexual or lesbian.

She has never outright denied these claims, and said that she feels flattered when these rumors exist.

She has been married to men in the past – but we know this doesn’t always mean anything!

George Clooney

George Clooney is one of Hollywood’s elite and ultra superstars – and he is one of the people who sits right at the top of the talent tree.

Of course, being such a mega star, he is one of those who gets several rumors regarding his private life!

For many years, people have wondered about George Clooney – despite his highly notorious relationships!

Matt Smith

You probably know Matt Smith from his time playing the most famous Doctor on the planet – Doctor Who.

But throughout his career, he’s been known to say things that could put his sexuality into question.

He once said that he had to kiss many boys to know how women feel kissing men with stubble beards!

Perhaps goes without saying that this would raise a few eyebrows and certainly raise several questions!

Taylor Lautner

Fans of the famous Twilight series of movies will likely recognize Taylor Lautner – and definitely remember his famous chiseled abs.

But Taylor started to fuel some rumors about whether he was gay or not mostly after these movies.

Particularly the time he was pictured in a really well known gay bar called The Abbey back in December 2014.

Scott Caan

Here we have another celebrity that created speculation about his sexuality by being photographed at a gay bar – this time in West Hollywood – so of course many people saw this!

Scott hasn’t confirmed or denied if he is gay or not, but the rumors are still there for the former star of Entourage.

Finn Jones

Finn has not been pictured at gay bars or even said anything that would suggest that he is gay, but because of his performances in the massive series Game Of Thrones playing Loras Tyrell, people began questioning if Finn might be gay away from the small screen.

Perhaps this just goes to show how good of an actor Finn is – or maybe there’s something more to these rumors than we might think!

Jared Leto

Yes, the former Joker actor and music star Jared Leto has even been rumored to be gay – but there’s actually some credible evidence to this.

Alexis Arquette claims that she slept with Jared before she transitioned. If this is true – the clown prince of crime might indeed be gay or bisexual. Only time will tell!

Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood is probably best known from his role as Frodo from the hugely successful adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings series on the big screen.

However, you might also know him from other movies and tv shows.

Yes, Elijah has played many different roles and to huge ovations – but many have sparked rumors about his sexuality by the way he conducts himself, and the fact he never denies it.

In fact, he said that he loves the free press that these rumors give him, so maybe he’s not denying it for publicity reasons, or maybe there’s more to it than that…

Tom Felton

Tom Felton is probably best recognized from his role in the Harry Potter series of movies, but it was in fact due to a separate set of rumors why Tom Felton was questioned about being gay or not.

Rumors began to surface about his co-star Daniel Radcliffe and people questioned if the two guys were in fact dating off the screen!

Daniel Radcliffe

Of course, we can’t have the previous addition into our list without including the connected rumor!

Yes, the star of Harry Potter has had his sexuality in question for a while, despite being engaged to a woman.

Whilst playing a role of a gay man being directed by a gay man, many people started asking if Daniel was really gay, or if he was just incredibly good at his job!

This was further questioned because Daniel Radcliffe has long been in favor of LGBTQ movements and is a highly supportive person towards LGBTQ rights.

Vin Diesel

Despite what some people believe, Vin Diesel has never confirmed that he is gay.

Bizarrely, rumors persisted that much about Vin Diesel being gay that we seem to have taken that as fact without really looking into the truth.

In reality, Vin Diesel does not want to talk about his sexuality – and it’s totally okay not to want to speak about your private life.

However, without confirming or denying if these rumors have any truth to them, you can expect the rumors to keep coming and coming.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Okay – so where do we begin with this entry to the list?

Jake Gyllenhaal has always received rumors about him being gay, and it likely comes from his role on the hit movie Brokeback Mountain.

According to Jake, the rumors about his sexuality were a huge compliment – assumingly about his acting talents. But there’s actually a lot more to it than this.

Tom Holland, who co-starred with Jake Gyllenhaal in Spider-Man: Far From Home one posted a really cute Instagram post with the caption that he was with his “husband”.

Now, whilst this is likely just an innocent Instagram post from Tom Holland (especially because Tom Holland is in a long term heterosexual relationship), this doesn’t mean there’s nothing in the rumors.

Of course, once again, without any denial from Jake Gyllenhaal and his glee in the fact that these rumors persist about his sexuality – we can certainly expect these rumors to just keep on coming!

Do These Rumors Mean These Celebrities Are Gay?

No, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Of course, we all know that rumors are just rumors and being in the public eye – a lot of false information and incorrect whispers will always be circulating.

But it’s important that we recognize that these rumors are not confirmations of a celebrity’s sexuality, and whilst it might be a bit of fun to question it with our friends, it’s a private affair when all is said and done!

Why Do Rumors Like This Happen?

When it comes to celebrities, we can expect that almost every part of their lives will be scrutinized.

And as a result, even the most intimate areas of their lives will be under the microscope.

Sexuality is probably the most intimate part of our lives, and for celebrities – it’s almost impossible to keep this part of their life secret.

As we mentioned before, when a rumor happens and a celebrity does not deny the claims, it almost fuels the rumors even more.

So, all of these facets will allow rumors to continue.

The Bottom Line

Yes these celebrities have all been rumored as being gay – but remember, they are only rumors and we won’t know for sure until or if they confirm it!

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