15 Renowned Gay Polish Celebrities

Ever thought of combining the zest of a zingy sauerkraut pierogi with the vibrant colors of the rainbow? Well, today’s your lucky day! We’re taking a delightful detour to Poland, a land known for its medieval castles, delicious dumplings, and… you guessed it, some incredibly inspiring LGBTQ+ celebrities. So, put on your dancing shoes (or should we say, Polish folk boots?), and let’s waltz through the lives of these iconic figures who’ve added a dash of glitter to Poland’s rich tapestry.

Witold Sadowy

A Century of Brilliance and Authenticity

Witold Sadowy’s life is a testament to resilience, talent, and the power of authenticity. Born on 7 January 1920 in Warsaw, Sadowy’s journey through life has been nothing short of cinematic. From the tragic loss of his father and brother during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 to his triumphant return to the city post the Soviet takeover, his life has been a tapestry of highs and lows.

But Sadowy’s true legacy lies in the world of theater and film. Making his theatrical debut in 1945, he graced various stages in Warsaw, including the City Drama Theatre, Polish Theatre, and TR Warszawa, to name a few. His performances were not just acts; they were experiences that left audiences spellbound. Beyond the stage, Sadowy was a prolific publicist and columnist, contributing to publications like the Gazeta Wyborcza daily and Życie na gorąco magazine.

However, one of the most heartwarming chapters of his life was penned in January 2020 when, at the age of 100, he publicly came out as gay. His revelation was not just a personal declaration but a powerful message of hope and acceptance to countless others. Sadowy’s life reminds us that it’s never too late to embrace our true selves.

Paweł Rabiej 

The Political Maverick with a Heart

In the intricate world of politics, where every move is scrutinized, and every word weighed, Paweł Rabiej stands out as a beacon of authenticity. As the Deputy President of Warsaw, Rabiej’s political journey is marked by his commitment to change, progress, and inclusivity.

But beyond the policies and political maneuvers, Rabiej’s story is one of courage. By coming out and championing LGBTQ+ rights, he has shown that love and authenticity have a place even in the challenging realm of politics. His advocacy is not just about personal truths but about creating a society where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, feels valued and accepted.

Robert Biedroń

The Political Pioneer Championing Change

In the dynamic world of Polish politics, Robert Biedroń stands tall as a figure of transformation and hope. As one of Poland’s most prominent openly gay politicians, Robert’s journey has been one of breaking barriers and challenging the status quo. From serving as the mayor of Słupsk to being a member of the European Parliament, his political career is marked by progressive policies and a deep commitment to social justice. But beyond the political rallies and debates, Robert’s story is one of resilience. Facing challenges head-on, he has consistently advocated for LGBTQ+ rights in a country where such topics are often met with resistance. His establishment of the “Spring” party further cements his dedication to creating a more inclusive and accepting Poland. With his charismatic leadership and unwavering commitment to change, Robert Biedroń is not just a politician; he’s a symbol of a brighter, more inclusive future for Poland.

Radek Pestka

The Fashionable Firebrand

From the glitzy runways to the vibrant world of social media, Radek Pestka is a name that’s synonymous with style, substance, and a sprinkle of sass! Crowned the winner of Poland’s Next Top Model, Radek’s journey in the fashion world has been nothing short of meteoric. But beyond the camera flashes and designer labels lies a heart that beats for change. As an LGBTQ+ activist, Radek uses his platform to advocate for equality, acceptance, and love. Whether he’s strutting down the runway or sharing snippets of his life on Instagram, Radek’s message is clear: Be bold, be beautiful, be you!

Romek Gelard

The Runway Revolutionary

In the world of fashion, where trends come and go, Romek Gelard has established himself as a timeless icon. With chiseled features and a flair for the dramatic, Romek’s presence on the runway is electrifying. But it’s not just his modeling prowess that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. As an openly gay man in the fashion industry, Romek has faced his fair share of challenges. Yet, with every stride, he breaks barriers and champions the cause of LGBTQ+ acceptance. Off the runway, Romek’s relationship with fellow model Radek Pestka has been a beautiful testament to love, resilience, and the power of being true to oneself. Together, they’re not just fashion’s favorite duo but also a symbol of love that knows no bounds.

Lukasz Sabat

The Crowned Champion of Authenticity

When you think of beauty pageants, you might imagine glamorous gowns, sparkling tiaras, and fierce catwalks. But for Lukasz Sabat, the title of Mr. Gay Poland was more than just a crown; it was a platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance in Poland. With his striking looks and undeniable charisma, Lukasz didn’t just win a title; he won hearts. Beyond the glitz and glamor, he has been a vocal advocate for the community, using his platform to inspire, educate, and drive change. In a world where being different can often be challenging, Lukasz stands as a beacon of hope, proving that authenticity is the most beautiful trait one can possess.

Marek Barbasiewicz

The Silver Screen Sovereign

When you think of Polish cinema, a few names might come to mind, but Marek Barbasiewicz is one that stands out like a shining star. Born on February 5, 1945, in the picturesque town of Przeworsk in Podkarpackie, Poland, Marek’s journey to the pinnacle of Polish cinema is nothing short of cinematic itself.

With a towering height of 5′ 10¾″ and a presence that’s even more imposing, Marek’s entry into the world of acting was destined. He is best known for his roles in “Television Theater” (1953), a show that has been a staple in Polish households for decades. But that’s not all; his versatility as an actor is evident in his performances in “Na dobre i na zle” (1999) and “Wirus” (1996). Each role, whether it’s a lead or a supporting one, Marek has approached with unparalleled dedication, making him a favorite among directors and audiences alike.

But Marek’s contributions aren’t just limited to the screen. Off-screen, he’s known for his humility, his passion for the arts, and his advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights in Poland. In a country where LGBTQ+ rights are often a topic of debate, Marek’s openness about his sexuality and his support for the community has made him a beacon of hope for many.

Krzysztof Charamsa

The Rebel with a Cause

Meet Krzysztof Charamsa: a theologian, a priest, and a man who dared to challenge the status quo. When he’s not delving deep into theological texts, Krzysztof is making headlines and turning heads. In 2015, he boldly came out as gay, shaking the very foundations of the Vatican. But Krzysztof’s story isn’t just about revelation; it’s about revolution. From the hallowed halls of the Vatican to the bustling streets of Barcelona, he’s been on a journey of self-discovery, love, and advocacy. And if you ever get the chance to chat with him over a cup of coffee, be prepared for some enlightening conversations and maybe even a few sassy remarks!

Irena Klepfisz

The Poetic Powerhouse

Ah, Irena Klepfisz! A name that resonates with passion, poetry, and power. Born in the Warsaw Ghetto, Irena’s life story reads like an epic tale of survival, resilience, and rebellion. But it’s her poetry that truly sets her apart. With every verse, she weaves tales of her Jewish heritage, lesbian identity, and feminist beliefs. And if you ever find yourself at a poetry reading with Irena on stage, expect to be moved to tears, laughter, and everything in between. A poet, an activist, and a true force of nature, Irena’s words are a testament to her indomitable spirit.

Piotr Zioła

The Melodic Maverick

If you haven’t heard of Piotr Zioła, you’re missing out on some serious musical magic! With a voice that’s a blend of honey and whiskey, Piotr has been serenading his way into the hearts of fans across Poland and beyond. But it’s not just his voice that’s captivating; it’s his authenticity. As one of the few openly gay musicians in the Polish music scene, Piotr is all about breaking barriers and belting out ballads. From soulful love songs to foot-tapping numbers, his music is a rollercoaster of emotions. And rumor has it, he’s got some killer dance moves too!

Waldemar Zboralski

The Activist with a Heart of Gold

Waldemar Zboralski might not be a household name internationally, but in Poland, he’s a beacon of hope and resilience. As an LGBTQ+ activist during the tumultuous times of the 1980s, Zboralski faced challenges that would break the spirit of many. But not Waldemar. With determination and a heart full of passion, he stood up for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, even when the odds were stacked against him. His story is one of courage, perseverance, and an undying belief in the power of love and acceptance. Today, as we celebrate the strides made by the LGBTQ+ community in Poland, we tip our hats to pioneers like Zboralski. For they paved the way, with their blood, sweat, and tears, for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Jacek Dehnel

The Wordsmith of Warsaw

If words were painted, Jacek Dehnel would be Picasso. A poet, novelist, and translator, Dehnel’s command over the written word is nothing short of mesmerizing. Born in Gdańsk and currently residing in Warsaw, Jacek’s works are a beautiful blend of his personal experiences, Poland’s rich history, and a vivid imagination. But beyond his literary achievements, Dehnel is also a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in Poland. Through his writings, interviews, and public appearances, he champions the cause of love, acceptance, and equality. In a world often divided by differences, voices like Dehnel’s remind us of the power of unity, love, and the written word.

Antoni Porowski

The Culinary Connoisseur with a Heart of Gold

When you think of food, passion, and flair, one name that undoubtedly comes to mind is Antoni Porowski. This Polish-Canadian chef, known for his role as the food and wine expert on Netflix’s hit show “Queer Eye,” has been serving up not just delicious dishes but also a generous helping of inspiration. Born in Montreal to Polish parents, Antoni’s love for food was kindled in the kitchens of his family, where traditional Polish recipes were passed down with love and care. But it’s not just his culinary prowess that has won hearts worldwide. Antoni’s genuine warmth, his advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights, and his candid discussions about his own journey with sexuality have made him a beacon of hope and authenticity. Whether he’s whipping up a classic Polish dish or sharing snippets of his life on social media, Antoni’s charm is simply irresistible!

Krystian Legierski

The Green Beacon of Change

In the vibrant tapestry of Poland’s LGBTQ+ community, Krystian Legierski stands out as a luminescent thread. Born in Koniaków, a picturesque village nestled in the heart of Poland, Krystian’s journey is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering authenticity. As a prominent member of the Greens 2004, a political party advocating for environmental and social justice, Krystian’s voice has echoed through the corridors of power, championing the rights of the marginalized.

But Krystian’s story isn’t just about politics. It’s about breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes. As a child of a Polish mother and a Mauritanian father, Krystian’s multicultural heritage has shaped his worldview, making him a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion. His activism isn’t limited to the political arena. He’s also a successful entrepreneur, infusing his ventures with the same passion and commitment he brings to his advocacy.

Coming out in a country where LGBTQ+ rights are often contested was no small feat. Yet, Krystian did so with grace, becoming a beacon of hope for countless others. His story serves as a poignant reminder that love knows no boundaries, and authenticity always finds its way to shine.

Michał Derlicki

The Silver Screen Sensation

Warsaw, 1983. The city’s vibrant energy was palpable, and amidst this backdrop, a star was born – Michał Derlicki. From the bustling streets of Poland’s capital to the glitzy world of cinema, Michał’s journey has been nothing short of cinematic itself.

Known for his roles in films like “The Plagues of Breslau” and “The Crown Witness,” Michał’s on-screen presence is magnetic. But beyond the camera lights and red-carpet events lies a story of courage and authenticity. Michał’s decision to come out and embrace his true self in a country with evolving views on LGBTQ+ rights speaks volumes about his character.

But who is Michał Derlicki off-screen? A dive into his biography reveals a multifaceted individual. An actor par excellence, a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, and a proud representative of Poland’s vibrant arts community. His performances, whether on the silver screen or the stages of Warsaw, resonate with audiences, transcending boundaries and touching hearts.

In a world where celebrities often don masks, Michał stands out by being unapologetically himself. His story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that true success lies in embracing one’s authenticity and shining brightly, no matter the odds.


As our whirlwind tour of Poland’s LGBTQ+ landscape comes to an end, it’s clear that the country is not just about Gothic churches and scenic countryside. It’s also about celebrating diversity, embracing change, and dancing to the rhythm of love. These celebrities, with their tales of talent and tenacity, remind us that being true to oneself is the most beautiful act. So, the next time you find yourself humming to a Polish tune or relishing a plate of pierogi, raise a toast to these trailblazers who’ve added a dash of dazzle to Poland’s cultural canvas. 🌈🇵🇱🎉

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