15 Gay Celebrities

The thing about being a celebrity is that your entire life is scrutinized. Everybody knows everything about you and your personal life. All you have to do to prove this is look at celebrity news and there’s always some sort of story about someone’s love life.

15 Gay Celebrities

This is no exception when it comes to celebrities that may or may not be gay. The media ask questions and follow them around, and sometimes a celebrity will come out on screen or in the news. 

Either way, there’s lots of celebrities that are gay, and some you may not have been aware were gay to begin with. Our list looks at some of the most well known gay celebrities, along with some celebrities that you may not have been aware of.

Read on to learn more. 

1. Sir Ian Mckellen

You can’t have a list of gay celebrities without having a holywood and theater legend that is Sir Ian Mckellen. Whilst the majority of people will be aware of his openly gay status, others may not be.

Sir Ian Mckellen has been in many highly rated movies including Lord Of The Rings and X-Men, but he has also been a highly rated figure on the small screen such as Ricky Gervais’s Extras.

He has always stated his love for the theater, appearing in many Shakespearean plays such as King Lear. 

His voice is instantly recognizable and he has a strong presence on both the stage and the screen. Truly one of the greats of drama and Hollywood. 

2. Jim Parsons 

Jim Parsons is probably best known for playing Sheldon in the long running TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory – and as a result is one of our favorite actors of the modern era. 

Jim is full of life and laughter, but he can play very serious roles incredibly well. He has been with his partner for over a decade, but currently has no plans to marry. 

3. Neil Patrick Harris 

Neil Patrick Harris might surprise some people that he is a gay man, but he has openly said it many times in interviews and alike. 

Neil is probably best known for his portrayal of Barney in How I Met Your Mother – but others will remember him as Dougie Howser or even as himself in the Harold and Kumar series. 

Many of his characters are debauched ladies-men, which is probably why some people might mistake him for a straight man. On screen, he’s usually seen with a woman (or women!) on his arm and being your stereotypical jock. 

4. Tim Cook

A celebrity not known for appearing on the big screen as such – Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple, so it’s likely that you’ve heard or seen him before. 

He’s a very open and proud gay man who said that whilst he doesn’t think of himself as an activist, he does feel it is important to be open as a role model for younger people. 

5. Kate Mckinnon

The Saturday Night Live personality was one of the first openly gay women on the show, and says that she first realized her sexuality from the TV show The X-Files, reportedly having feelings for Gillian Anderson!

She has said a few times that her inspiration to be herself comes from Ellen Degeneres and she is part of the reason why she pursued her TV career. 

6. Raven-Symone 

Perhaps best known for her portrayal of the psychic Raven in the TV show That’s So Raven, many people may have been unaware of her being gay. She has said that she knew she was attracted to other women as early as 12, but didn’t bring it up openly.

She is now married to Miranda Maday and continues to live happily and openly!

7. Sir Alec Guinness 

This Hollywood hero is probably best known for playing the original role of Obi Wan Kenobi in the first ever Star Wars movie. The thing is, it wasn’t until after Sir Alec had passed away that his sexuality was openly revealed.

This is despite his arrest under the Homosexual Act of 1946, and nobody really knew about his love life. 

8. Stephen Fry 

Stephen Fry is one of the true greats when it comes to the small screen and the stage, but he’s also been very vocal about gay rights and attacked certain views held by religious and non religious groups.

Best known for his portrayals in British sitcoms such as Blackadder, Fry and Laurie and being the host of QI, Fry will go down as one of the greatest of all time. 

9. Andy Dick 

If you’ve never heard OF Andy Dick, you’ve likely HEARD Andy Dick. He’s got one of the most recognizable voices on screen and is in plenty of movies and TV shows. 

Whilst originally married to a woman, he came out as gay after his divorce and has been open about everything ever since. 

10. Rufus Wainwright 

The singer Rufus Wainwright said that he tried everything to try to suppress his gay feelings and thoughts until eventually he was true to himself and settled down with his partner.

Known for many famous songs, one of his most played online is his take on Hallelujah, which appeared in the movie Shrek. 

11. George Takei 

The late George Takei didn’t come out until 2005, but ever since then he has been in many cameo roles openly as a gay man, with plenty of jokes and entendres. 

He has appeared on multiple shows including The Big Bang Theory, and the Star Trek star is still a huge figure in gay rights, despite no longer being with us. 

We will certainly remember George Takei for his excellent acting style, wonderful comic timing and his iconic voice that cannot be replicated!

12. George Michael 

George Michael, known for his brilliant solo work and the band Wham! has long been in controversies and scandals when it comes to sex. He once said that he kept his sexuality hidden away because he was scared of what his mom would say. 

He has actually parodied his love life and scandals in many TV shows and skits over the years – and felt it was always worth poking fun when things got tough.

One of the greatest names in the music industry, George Michael will definitely be remembered for so many reasons.

13. David Hyde Pierce 

David is probably best known for playing Fraiser’s brother in the hit TV series Frasier. Despite playing a man with an ex wife and girl troubles, he is an openly gay man.

He actually married his husband in 2007 just days before it was banned under proposition 8 in California.

14. Elton John 

Okay, so we’re pretty sure you’d know that Elton John is gay – but we can’t have a list without him! He’s got to be one of the most famous gay men on the planet, and for good reason. 

He has numerous hits, many of which we keep singing every single day – and he continues to stay in the charts, working with new and up and coming artists, or reworking some of his classic hits. 

He is also very well known for playing at the funeral of Princess Diana, singing a rewritten version of Candle In The Wind.

For those who don’t know, Elton was once married to a woman for years but now is married to a man and they are both very happy. 

15. Anderson Cooper 

Anderson Cooper came out back in 2012 and said he was doing so as a way to step forward a little closer towards equality. 

Best known for his television reporting and for his talk show, where he hosted many well known controversies (such as Hunter Moore), many may not have been aware of Anderson’s sexuality. 

One of the greats when it comes to broadcast journalism, Anderson Cooper will forever be a name in gay rights and journalism respectively. 

Why This List Is Important 

While it is nobody’s business what sexuality you are, knowing that celebrities are openly gay is very important. Not only does it show courage and pride to be openly gay on screen, where millions of people know you – it gives others the same feeling.

Those who struggle with their identity may look at these well known stars and find their inner courage to be themselves, be true and finally feel more free and happier. 

Additionally, it’s good to know which stars are advocates of gay rights – as you may decide to follow them via social media and help towards some of their ideas for fundraising or other works. 

The Bottom Line 

There are so many gay celebrities that you may not know about, but we don’t have the capacity to list everybody! We hope you’ve enjoyed our picks though – were there any you didn’t know about?

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